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By Time & Gravity

1. When Death Comes Knockin’ (Kapeluck) 4.12

After years as a hospice nurse and after my own near death experience, I wrote this irreverent upbeat take on the futility of trying to make a deal with death.

2. You Said (Kapeluck) 3.59

An Everly Brothers inspired ballad built around a line that most people have heard at one time or another.

3. Road Nowhere (Kapeluck) 4.51

Sitting in the dark listening to the rain, I started thinking about this desperate character, homeless and running out of options.

4. Behind the Shokan Dam (Kapeluck) 5.51

I have always been interested in the Ashokan Reservoir and the human cost of displacement of an entire community. My house was moved from Brown Station, a town in the path of the reservoir.

5. Bisbee Beauty (Kapeluck) 5.01

After visiting the town of Bisbee Arizona, my wife had a dream that I wrote a song called Bisbee Beauty. I told her I would have to wait for an inspiration. It came to me in this tale told by a ghost in this historic mining town.

6. Trouble (Kapeluck) 3.40

In this track, I wanted to preserve the sound of my bluegrass band before the inimitable Bill Keith passed away.

7. Catskill Wind (Kapeluck) 3.53

Since I first moved to the Catskills 50 years ago, I always keyed into the sound of the wind which is an integral part of my sense of home.

8. Don’t Pull Up That Ladder (Kapeluck) 4:59

In this turbulent political climate, it felt important to remember our immigrant history.

9. Footprints in the Sea (Kapeluck) 3:51

The title for this song emerged from a misheard onstage band member’s conversation about performing the song ‘Footprints in the Snow’ in the key of C.

10. High Lonesome Hill (Kapeluck) 6:04

An eerie waltz in a traditional bluegrass vein with a string arrangement inspired by Otis Redding’s horn section.

11. Meet Me in the Middle (Kapeluck) 5:15

The character in this song seeks redemption and to be washed clean of past transgressions. But there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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